Okay but can you imagine like a stone age cave woman who’s had a couple kids already and has a basic understanding of the process having twins and being like “what the actual fuck is this?”


everything personal


everything personal

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Here’s an experiment
If you’ve ever seen or heard about this saying, then please like or reblog this post.


Here’s an experiment

If you’ve ever seen or heard about this saying, then please like or reblog this post.

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Talking to the culprit in a game that you’ve already beaten like


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This blood keeps me alive, but what is it that runs through you? Electricity and wires dictating everything you do.

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New Halo - The Master Chief Collection images! These look pretty sick!


About Me-

The basics- I'm 19, living in Santa Cruz, California, and attending a local community college with plans to transfer to a private art school.

Personal Interests- I'm really into art and I love sketching and drawing. I also enjoy writing, singing, and playing bass. I'm starting to do more productive things too like running, and taking a cooking class and kickboxing and stuff. Yeah.

Politics and Religion- Libertarian and Atheist.

Video Games- With what little free time I have that isn't spent on Tumblr, I play League of Legends, Starcraft II, and occasionally Neverwinter.
And though I may move on from console gaming entirely, I will always be a Halo Fanboy at heart.

Music- Right now my favorite band is Protest the Hero. Other top artists in no particular order:
Between the Buried and Me
The Safety Fire
Breaking Benjamin
The Faceless
Diablo Swing Orchestra
The Offspring
Rise Against
Thank You Scientist
Blink 182
A million billion others that I can't think of right now.

Movies and TV- I work in a movie rental store (the last of our kind thanks to Netflix and Red Box) so I've been watching a lot more movies lately because I get all of mine for free. Vince Gilligan is a genius but Joss Whedon inspired me as a writer.
Top shows off the top of my head:
Red vs Blue
Breaking Bad

Love Life (because that's pretty much all I see of Tumblr anyway)- I'm dating a girl who's too good for me. Her name is Salina. "whenindoubtwalkingdeaditout" is her blog. Our anniversary is Christmas, how cute is that?

Others- I'm living in a pretty rad studio apartment for how cheap it is. I have some severe sleep disorder, I play Magic: The Gathering, and I'm not really sure what else to put in or leave out.

Nekrothis was the name off my first World of Warcraft character. I don't really play WoW but that screen name has stuck with me. My real name is Robb Motroni.

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